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Interpreting in the Medical Field.

For more than 10 years, Translating Solutions, has been a preeminent Medical Interpreting 

provider. We have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of our interpreters as well 

as our excellent customer service. Translating Solutions works with many prominent 

hospitals, medical and surgery centers, and doctor offices as well as medical/legal cases 

across Southern California. We have effectively completed thousands of medical assignments 

over the years. These assignments include: Pre-surgery meetings, initial medical 

appointments, follow up appointments, consultations, Workers Compensation hearings, and 

many others. 


Interpreting in the Legal Field.

Over many years, Translating Solutions, has developed an excellent   reputation for the  quality of their interpreters and for their excellent customer service that provide in the Legal  Field. Translating Solutions works with: Law offices, doctors, Insurance Companies,  Independent companies and individuals around Southern California just to name a few. We  have successfully completed thousands of legal assignments in Southern California. Legal  assignments range from depositions, arbitrations, mediations, all court hearings, including  trials and more. 

Interpreting in Meeting Events.

Translating Solutions has successfully completed an extensive number of events as well as a

large variety of topics. We have worked in meetings and events, such as sales seminars, sales

presentations, benefit summaries, financial reviews, medical events, educational events, new

product rollouts, and many others.

Interpreting for Tours and Entertainment Events.

Southern California each year receives thousands of visitors coming from around the world, 

that take a broad variety of tours. Often language services are needed to help enhance their 

travel experiences. People travel for many reasons: Leisure, business, family matters, and 

legal requirements to name some. Translating Solutions has been providing professional 

interpreters for many business people that participate in trade shows, association meetings, 

business presentations, educational meetings, medical conferences and various international 

forums and events.  

Interpreting Over the Phone.

Translating Solutions has vast resources of qualified phone interpreters located around 

Southern California and a skilled and friendly staff to help you promptly and cost effectively 

fulfill your requests. Over many years, we have developed an excellent reputation for quality 

of interpreters and for our excellent customer service. Translating Solutions works with 

corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations and much more.  

Translations Translating Solutions has vast number of translators that are a select group of native speakers  from countries all around the world living in Southern California. These qualified and  certified professionals excel in specialized fields: legal, business, medical, technical,  entertainment, advertising, tourism, and more. We have been working with many companies,  non-profit organizations, Law Firms and individuals, to name a few of our satisfied clients.  Our qualified and certified translators have been working with many of the following type of  translations.   Contracts       Brochures       Medical Records  Immigration Documents.  Correspondence    Handbooks     Technical Translation  Advertising
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