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Our Mission To be a linguists’ organization contributing to the  efficacy of  legal processes.   To pointedly contribute to legal processes by  implementing access to language as a cultural  factor in the elucidation of adversarial positions, as  required by the discovery process.   To make all languages accessible in culturally  diverse southern California.  
Our Vision Translating Solutions wants to have a leading  role in the ongoing process of bilingualism and  acculturation of the delivery of legal services in  the Southern California communities, by daily  bridging cultural constructs, using good judgment  and discretion.  
Our Success TRANSLATING SOLUTIONS began its path of success in 1997 with its founders Silvia  Quiros and Tony Quiros, who through the years identified the great need of interpretation  services that exist in a state with a diverse population and cultures as is the State of California,  thus achieving a strong professional network of interpreters and translators carefully selected and  certified by the state of California in the medical and legal fields to exceed the expectations of  our customers. 
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